The Prime Players


Kelly calls the shots around here. And for good reason. She knows her stuff after 20 years of implementing brand strategies and designing communication materials.

In 1996, her career started heating up in Phoenix working for such notable companies as Apple Computer and Le Desktop Papers. Her design work quickly got noticed, and she was recruited by the bigger firm across the street where she scored successful branding projects for Saturn, 76 stations, and Circle K stores. Kelly also helped the City of Mesa internal communications and illy Espresso build brand recognition across the United States. In 2000, Kelly applied her hot-shot branding talents to world-class Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Mesa Community College, and real estate developers Kitchell Corp. and DMB, Inc. Then the Sunshine State called. She successfully developed various marketing collateral for Shands Healthcare of Northern Florida and the University of Florida. But after one too many mosquito bites, Kelly followed the Oregon Trail straight to Portland, Oregon. And in 2005, she launched Studio Cue, a full-service graphic design firm.

Kelly’s creativity and design innovation have been recognized by the American Art Institute of Graphic Arts, and the Michigan Advertising Federation. She’s even had work published in the industry-source LogoLounge by Rockport Publishers.

In short, Kelly makes companies look good via collateral materials, packaging, advertising campaigns, brand identity and interactive design. Chalk it up to experience.


Pete is an ace when it comes to visual communication and translating it to the Web. He is the founder of Atomic Lightwave, a multi-media web development firm, where his talents have come into play for many Studio Cue clients.

How’d he get his start? After training at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the ‘80s, Pete began his career as a freelance photographer in the Southeast. Technology came naturally to him and in 1994, he was snapped up by all-digital advertising and design firm.

With digital imaging becoming standard, Pete worked with Randy Batista at Media Image Photography as an assistant and dark room technician, eventually converting that business into a complete digital studio.

Pete had even higher ambitions and began developing non-static artwork which led to his first commercially distributed multi-media CD ROM in 1998. As the World Wide Web grew, Pete began producing interactive pieces to incorporate into websites.

For technophiles, he is an adept at server-side scripting languages and back-end database development. For regular folks, that means he knows how to create dynamic websites.


Porter hit the ground running, with all four paws, when he joined Studio Cue in the spring of 2010. He enjoys greeting clients and letting them pet his velvety soft ears. Sometimes he’ll even bring them one of his favorite toys to share.

Porter has earned his AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship© and is working toward being a certified pet partner. When not volunteering or working in the studio you can find Porter hanging with his buddies at one of the local dog parks or playing in the ocean.